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Twist Strip (Large) - Outer Jacket Stripper for Shielded Twisted Cable

The TSK8500 Twist-Strip System is a manual tool for stripping the outer jackets on multiconductor cable. Its unique design allows the tool to follow the non-concentric shape of the twisted cable for a clean score. 

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The DMC2159 - Piper Aircraft Wiring System Maintenance Kit

The DMC2159 Piper Aircraft Wiring System Service Kit provides a turn-key solution and the tools necessary to strip, crimp, install and remove the typical contacts and terminals of this wiring system.

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Crimp Tool for Harting Contacts

Crimp tool for Harting HAN C, D, E, and Han Yellock contacts. 





Product Categories

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Crimping is a method of firmly attaching a terminal or contact end to an electrical conductor by pressure forming or reshaping a metal barrel, together with the conductor. 

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Safe-T-Cable provides a secure and relaible system for installing contraining (safety) devices to threaded fasteners. Safe-T-Cable is an approved replacement for Lockwire. 

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DMC Tool Kits are designed to support today's most sophisticated aircraft and wiring systems. Our kits are designed to be a Total Support System for maintenance of your desired electrical system.

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DMC's  Electronic Tensile Test Systems may be used in conjunction with SPC Programs or other Quality Control disciplines. Our tension measurement solutions help assess and ensure quality in mission critical applications.

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The termination of EMI/RFI shielding materials is a specialized science in today’s aerospace wiring systems. Application tooling is a critical factor in the overall performance of the wiring system components.

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The BETA® system was developed to address the evolution of circular connectors and the need for more precise dimensional tolerances in modern electrical systems

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