New C Version Battery Tools

This new crimp tool from DMC® offers next-generation, high-tech features allowing you to track tool performance, users, and projects. Crimp data is viewable in real-time or can be downloaded via an app.

  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Innovative LED display
  • Tracks Number and Quality of Crimps
  • Improved Housing Construction




WA23 (M22520/23)

Large Gage Pneumatic Indent Crimp Tool

The WA23 large pneumatic crimp tool functions with the push of a button for operator ease. This heavy duty crimp tool accommodates large size contacts 8 through 0000 (AWG) and operates on standard 90–120 psi (5.4–8.16 BAR) shop air sources.  
**DMC's WA23 is Comparable to Pico 400 Crimp Tool or Rennsteig 400 Series.
23 Series Dies & Pico/Rennsteig Cross-Reference

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Large Gage Portable Hydraulic Indent Crimp Tool

The HD23 was developed with aircraft maintainers in mind and provides a portable hydraulic crimp tool capable of crimping 8 - 4/0 AWG. Dies and locators are interchangeable with the pneumatic (WA23) and battery (HDE23B) alternatives of this tool. Contact DMC for custom dies solutions.
*Mil-Spec Pending*

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Large Gage Battery Operated Indent Crimp Tool

The DMC HDE23C is a heavy-duty battery-electric operated hydraulic crimp tool designed to produce four indent crimps on contacts and terminals, sizes 8 thru 4/0 AWG. Dies and locators are interchangeable and are Mil-Qualified to the M39029 specification. The power unit features an LCD screen that displays battery level, pressure, cycles, and other useful data. Work smarter with the latest communication technology which transmits tool data via Bluetooth to the app.



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