TSK8000 & TSK8500 Twist-Strip 

Outer Jacket Stripper for Shielded Twisted Multi-Conductor Cable 


It is common for high-speed data cable to utilize two or more shielded twisted conductors. This type of cable is common in all digital electronic networks, and it requires new tooling disciplines. The challenge in designing a wire prep system of this type is the non-circular configuration of the cable, and the many types, variations, and stripping nuances of shielded, twisted, multi-wire cable.


The DMC Twist-Strip™ product line gives the user a system with the maximum capabilities, while keeping the system portable, self-contained, affordable, and ergonomic. The precise blade adjustment, zero friction ball bearing design, articulating/locking arms, and changeable dies makes the Twist-Strip™ very user-friendly and efficient when performing the difficult task of cable preparation.