DMC Qualified M22520 Mil-Spec Crimp Tools 


Daniels Maufacturing Corporation (DMC) is the leading manufacturer of QUALIFIED MIL-SPEC crimp tools and application tooling for the aircraft, aerospace, and high reliability electronics industry. 


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation has been a (QPL) authorized supplier of tools since the first QPL was established in 1971. DMC is dedicated to developing and supplying products for both OEM and maintenance operations.


Don't be deceived by knock off tools claiming to be MIL Qualified and purchase direct from DMC anywhere in the USA. For purchases outside of the USA only use a DMC Authorized Distributor


Standard Adjustable Indent Crimp Tools

Upper Range Crimp Tool


The DMC AF8, qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/1* and AS22520/1*, has virtually limitless application within the specified wire range of 12 through 26 AWG. Over a thousand turret heads are available to adapt the tool frame to your specific military or proprietary contact/wire combination. The 8 impression indent crimp, which is standard in the AF8, assures absolute maximum tensile strength with almost every closed barrel contact. Special indent configurations and gaging are available upon request.


For proper operation, the tool must be mated with one of the following optional accessories: a military standard or non-military turret head (TH-XXX Part No. Series), a military standard or non-military positioner (TP-XXX Part No. Series), or an adjustable head (Part No. UH2-5). This is done simply by orienting the head in the keyed position, and by tightening the hex socket screws provided as part of the head.


M22520/1-01 AF8 TOOL FRAME 5120-01-335-8571
M22520/1-02 TH1A TURRET 5120-01-335-8834
M22520/1-03 TH4 TURRET 5120-01-335-8835
M22520/1-04 TH163 TURRET 5120-01-335-8836
M22520/1-05 UH2-5 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8583
M22520/1-06 TP45 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8584
M22520/1-07 TP85 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8585
M22520/1-08 TH199S TURRET 5120-01-335-8837
M22520/1-09 TP360 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8586
M22520/1-10 TP365 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8587
M22520/1-11 TP465 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8588
M22520/1-12 TH270 TURRET 5120-01-335-8838
M22520/1-13 TH285 TURRET 5120-01-335-8839
M22520/1-14 TH286 TURRET 5120-01-335-8840
M22520/1-15 TP485 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8589
M22520/1-16 TP513 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8590
M22520/1-17 TP651 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8591
M22520/1-18* TH343 TURRET  
M22520/3-1 G125 GAGE 5220-01-329-6002
  DMC1186 M22520/1 TOOL KIT  

*QPL in Progress

Standard Adjustable Indent Crimp Tools

Middle Range Crimp Tool


The DMC MH860, qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/7* and AS22520/7*, has virtually limitless application within the specified wire range of 16 through 28 AWG. Positioners adapt the tool frame to your specific military or proprietary contact/wire combination. The 8 impression indent crimp, assures absolute maximum tensile strength with almost every closed barrel contact. 

M22520/7-01 MH860 TOOL FRAME 5120-01-335-8573
M22520/7-02 86-1S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8597
M22520/7-03 86-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8598
M22520/7-04 86-3 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8599
M22520/7-05 86-4 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8600
M22520/7-06 86-5 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8601
M22520/7-07 86-6 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8602
M22520/7-08 86-7 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8603
M22520/7-09 86-11S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8604
M22520/7-10 86-12S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8605
M22520/7-11 86-19 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8606
M22520/7-12 86-20 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8607
M22520/7-13 86-21 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8608
M22520/3-1 G145 GAGE 5120-00-338-0378
  DMC123 M22520/7 TOOL KIT 5180-01-355-5616



Standard Adjustable Indent Crimp Tools

Lower Range Crimp Tool


Qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/2* and AS22520/2*,  the DMC AFM8 is designed for most of the miniature and sub-miniature connector types that are so widely used in electronic systems. The AFM8 meets the need for a miniature tool accommodating wire sizes 20 through  32 AWG.


The AFM8 gives a Mil-Standard 8 impression crimp, which assures maximum tensile strength. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures consistently accurate crimps every time. The tool frame has a built-in 8 step selector knob for ease in dialing the correct crimp depth setting for the wire being used.


M22520/2-01 AFM8 TOOL FRAME 5120-01-335-8572
M22520/2-02 K1S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8592
M22520/2-03 K60S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8593
M22520/2-04 K151 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8594
M22520/2-05 K3 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8595
M22520/2-06 K41 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8624
M22520/2-07 K40 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8625
M22520/2-08 K13-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8626
M22520/2-09 K42 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8627
M22520/2-10 K43 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8628
M22520/2-11 K287 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8629
M22520/2-12 K286 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8630
M22520/2-13 K338 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8631
M22520/2-14 K340 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8632
M22520/2-15 K341 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8633
M22520/2-16 K339 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8634
M22520/2-17 K342 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8635
M22520/2-18 K343 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8636
M22520/2-19 K330-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8637
M22520/2-20 K331-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8638
M22520/2-21 K332-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8609
M22520/2-22 K212 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8610
M22520/2-23 K267-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8611
M22520/2-24 K75S-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8612
M22520/2-25 K261-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8613
M22520/2-26 K262-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8614
M22520/2-27 K269-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8615
M22520/2-28 K373-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8616
M22520/2-29 K372-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8617
M22520/2-30 K404 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8618
M22520/2-31 K406 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8619
M22520/2-32 K496 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8620
M22520/2-33 K74S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8621
M22520/2-34 K323 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8622
M22520/2-35 K532-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8623
M22520/2-36 K473 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8596
M22520/2-37* K709 POSITIONER 5120-01-361-9666
M22520/2-38* K1561 POSITIONER  
M22520/2-39* K1430-1 POSITIONER  
M22520/2-40* K1457-1 POSITIONER  
  SK2/2 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONER 5120-01-171-1569
M22520/3-1 G125 GAGE 5220-01-329-6002
  DMC274 M22520/2 TOOL KIT 5180-01-259-0512


*QPL in progress