DMC®'s next-generation of crimp tools features high-tech advencements that allow you to track tool performance, users, and projects. Crimp data is viewable in real time or can be downloaded via the i-press® app which is available though the App store and Google Play.


Bluetooth® Connectivity | Innovative LED display | Tracks Number and Quality of Crimps | Improved Housing Construction

 136 Series Dieless 4-Indent Crimp Tools 


The 136 Series tools include the HCE136CHC136, XHC136C, and the XHC136.


DMC’s HCE136C  dieless four-indent crimpers provide a symmetrical four-sided crimp (at 90º intervals) intended to crimp copper and aluminum lug terminals & splices. All of these tools have 6.2 tons of crimp force. The crimp pressure against the resistance of the metal conductor assembly will cause the tool to crimp to a depth where there is metal to metal bottoming (gas tight crimp joint on aluminum and soft copper).


DMC also offers a hydraulic version HCE136 and a remote hydraulic heads XHC136C and XHC136. The XHC136C is an open frame version.


Triangle indenter shape is standard. Optional indent designs are available. Consult DMC.



51 Series Indent Crimp Tools


The 51 Series tools include the HDE51CXHD51, and the HD51.


The HDE51C is intended to crimp terminals onto copper and aluminum cables with DMC’s HD51 die sets. The HDE51C provides 6 tons of crimp force and extends the range of DMC’s Battery Powered Crimping Tools to 2/0 AWG conductors in many applications.


DMC also offers a hydraulic version HD51 and a Remote Hydraulic Head XHD51

HX Series Indent Crimp Tools


The HX series includes HXE4C, HX23, HX33, and HX4


The HXE4C is intended to crimp copper and aluminum cable #26 to #8 AWG with DMC "Y" Dies (M22520/5-xx and others), the HXE4C meets the requirements of RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.


Dies in various crimp patterns are also available for insulated and uninsulated terminal lugs, wire splices, and end caps relating to AS7928, MS17143, MS25036, MS25181, MS27429, MS25274, MS20659, M81824, MS21003 through MS21015, and commercial part numbers.  Several power contacts too large for conventional hand tools are also covered by interchangeable dies for the HXE4C.


The Hyrdraulic equivalents is the HX4 and the pneumatic equivalents are HX23 and HX33.

General Maintenance Tools


Many standard OEM applications are covered by the GMT general purpose tool series. The jaws are fixed, and the locator (where used) is configured to hold the contacts precisely in the correct location for optimum crimping.


Featured here are the GMTE232C, GMTE232, and PMT232.


For a full list of GMT tools click here

23 Series Indent Crimp Tools


The 23 Series tools include the HDE23C, WA23 (M22520/23), and HD23.


The DMC HDE23C is a heavy-duty battery-electric operated hydraulic crimp tool designed to produce four indent crimps on contacts in sizes 8 thru 4/0 AWG.


The WA23 large gauge pneumatic crimp tool functions with the push of a button for operator ease. This heavy duty crimp tool accommodates large size contacts 8 through 0000 (AWG) and operates on standard 90–120 psi (5.4–8.16 BAR) shop air sources. 


The standard die assembly and locator are easily interchangeable with no special tool required. Custom dies and locators may be designed to specific requirements. An optional foot valve is available upon request.


DMC also offers HD23 which is a Hydraulic version of this tool.


**DMC's WA23 is Comparable to Pico 400 Crimp Tool or Rennsteig 400 Series.

23 Series Dies & Pico/Rennsteig Cross-Reference

120 Series Large Gauge Crimp Tools


The 120 Series tools include the HDE120CHD120 and the TBHD1M, .


The HDE120C is a battery powered hydraulic crimp tool designed to use interchangeable MS23002-XX dies (for insulated lugs), MS90485-XX dies (for uninsulated lugs) and MS25442-XX dies (for aluminum lugs). It has an electric hydraulic system with automatic pressure relief to prevent over compression and automatic die retraction after the crimp cycle.


The hydraulic version of this tools is the HD120.


Dies and locators are interchangeable between power types.


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