DMC216- Lockheed F-16 Wiring System Maintenance Kit


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DMC216 Lockheed F-16 Maintenance Kit for Electrical Connectors and Wiring Systems



MIL-C-25955 Circular
MIL-C-26482 Series 1 & 2
MIL-C-38999 Series 1 & 2
MIL-C-39012 RF Coaxial
MIL-C-5015 3450 Series
MIL-C-81511 Series 2 & 4
MIL-C-81703 Series 2
MIL-C-83723 Series 3
MIL-C-83733 Rack & Panel
MIL-F-21608 Type 1 Ferrule
MIL-T-7928 Insulated Terminals & Splices
MIL-T-9177 Audio Connectors
Americon RF Coaxial
Amphenol 94, 165 Series
Amphenol RF RF Coaxial
Automatic Connector RF Coaxial, TPS Series
Burndy Hyfen-Bantan Series
Deutsch Common Termination System
General Dynamics RF Coaxial
Leach Relays
Microdot Marc 53
Plessey RF Coaxial
Raychem MTCB Series, Thermofit Environmental Splices
Viking Thorkom Series
Winchester MRE Series



Type of Case:  Portable
Number of Cases:  1
Color:  Green
Type of Construction:  Fiberglass/Aluminum
Application:  F-16
Coverage:  Airframe Power Connectors, Terminals size 12 AWG and Smaller, Coaxial Connectors
Type of Inserts:  Unicellular Polyethylene Foam with Die Cut Tool Cavities

Shipping Weight40.0 LBS
National Stocking Number5180010606907

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