Pneumatic Open Frame Crimp Tool - HX4 Equivalent


  • Accommodates Daniels "Y" series crimp dies

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The HX23 accommodates all M22520/5-xx military and DMC “Y” series crimp. This affords total utilization of existing dies and total interchangeability with M22520/5-01 (Daniels HX4) handheld tool frames.



Full die closure is assured on every crimp.  The internal cycle control network will not allow the tool to open until complete closure is attained.  A simple procedure is available to open the tool in cases where a complete cycle cannot be effected.  A secure method is provided to prevent unauthorized personnel from defeating the cycle control system.



There are no awkward levers or mechanisms used to open or close the crimp dies.  These operations waste time and distract the operator’s attention.



When the tool is in the normal condition, the crimp dies are fully open where contact assemblies can easily be inserted.  A touch of the foot valve releases the dies to a safe gripping position (spring pressure only).  When the operator is satisfied that the contact assembly is positioned correctly and hands are in a safe position, another actuation of the same foot valve completes the crimp and quickly returns the die to the open position for removal of the crimped assembly and loading of the next parts.



The HX23 is supplied with a stable bench mount which can remain unattached for portability.  Or, can be mounted to a workstation by installing fasteners through the holes provided.  The HX23 Production Crimp Press can be used in horizontal or vertical positions.



The HX23 is equipped with a transparent guard which affords the protection, but does not restrict vision.  The Hands Free Operation system allows the operator to position the contact assembly while the die is under spring pressure only.  The operator is then free to let the tool hold the contact assembly during the crimp cycle while the operator’s hands and fingers are a safe distance from the crimping die.  The HX23 foot valve assembly is constructed with a protective shroud to prevent accidental actuation. For operation the operator places their foot under the shroud to depress the pedal.


HX23 Specifications (all included)

Tool Frame:
Size:  4 x 6 x 16 inches
Weight:  11 lbs.

Foot Press:
Size:  4 x 5 x 13 inches
Weight:  6 Lbs.

Hose Assembly (between foot press and crimp tool)
Length:  9 feet
Weight 1.5 lbs.

Shipping Weight35.0 LBS

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