The Smarter Option for Secondary Wire Harness Support
LaceLok® Cable Lacing Fasteners were designed to replace cable ties and hand-tied lacing tape for secondary support of wire harnesses. The LaceLok system is ergonomic and provides consistent support with unrivaled strength and superior performance. Made of aerospace-grade materials, LaceLok features a small, rounded fastener and Nomex® aramid fiber lace. This combination of materials provides superior resistance to fuel, chemicals, abrasion, and extreme operating temperatures.
LaceLok offers multiple installation configurations making it suitable for a variety of applications. Single, double, or triple wraps allow for increased tensile strength and accommodate pressure sensitive components such as coaxial and fiber optic cables.
LaceLok is Mil-Spec qualified to MIL-DTL-32554 and MIL-DTL-32555, and listed in SAE's AS50881H as an approved method of secondary wire harness support.
• Reduces repetitive motion and abrasion injuries  
• Reduces operator fatigue
• Delivers consistent loop force that is controlled by the fastener, not the user  
• Terminates consistently at 20 lbs (+/- 2 lbs) of applied tension
• Rated for operation in extreme temperatures -65°C to 260°C 
• Hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil, and fuel resistant  
• Made of abrasion resistant Nomex® aramid fiber lace  
• 40% lighter than large cable ties


Nomex® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company