Repair and Calibration Services


DMC® Basic Repair Service Includes: Replacement of indenters, indenter springs, miscellaneous parts, screws, labels, cleaning & calibration.



DMC provide's complete refurbishing and calibration services for all DMC Aircraft Service & Maintenance Tool Kits.


Standard Fees for Tool Repair and Calibration Services



AF, AFM, MH, M, GS, LHBHand Crimp Tool, 4 Indent$170.00$100.00
WA22, WA274-Indent Pneumatic Crimp Tools$550.00$100.00
WA23 Only4-Indent Heavy Duty Pneumatic Crimp Tool$625.00$100.00
HX3, HX4, UDT3, UDT4Open Frame Crimp Tool$165.00$100.00
HX23, PHX3, HX33Open Frame Crimp Tools$895.00$100.00
GMTOpen Frame Crimp Tool$105.00$100.00
PMTOpen Frame Pneumatic Crimp Tool$425.00$100.00
DBSBanding Tool$315.00$100.00
PBT/PMBTPneumatic Banding Tool$620.00$100.00
HD36, HD51, HD120Hydraulic Crimp Tools$520.00$100.00
AFE8B, HXE4C, HDE36C, HDE51C, HDE120CBattery Operated Crimp Tools$615.00


EMC3300Battery Operated Crimp Tool$505.00X
SCT/SCTRSafe-T-Cable™ Tool$175.00$100.00
SCT/SCTRSafe-T-Cable™ Tool w/Nose Replacement$370.00$100.00
SCTP/SCTPR/SCTPRMPneumatic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool$350.00$100.00
SCTP/SCTPR/SCTPRMPneumatic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool w/Nose Replacement$550.00$100.00
SCTE/SCTHHydraulic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool$505.00$100.00
SCTE/SCTHHydraulic Safe-T-Cable™ Tool w/Nose Replacement$700.00$100.00
PT, HPT, MPT, RTCG, DBS-CG4DTensile & Retention TestersX$245.00
DBS-CG1, TSTCalibration Fixture Kit$360.00X
DBS-CG2, -CG3, -CG7, -CG8Calibration Fixture Kit$235.00$100.00
TSKTwist Strip™ Tool$225.00$100.00
WSPPneumatic Wire Stripper$340.00X
BT-ST-701Torque Meter$240.00X


We also provide complete refurbishing and calibration services for all DMC Aircraft Service & Maintenance Tool Kits.


For other repair and calibration services, please contact DMC at 407-855-6161 or by email at


Include a completed Repair Packing Slip Form, along with your Purchase Order for the fees stated above, and send all items for Repair/Re-Calibration to:


Attn:    Repair Services Department
Daniels Manufacturing Corporation
526 Thorpe Road
Orlando, FL  32824-8133


NOTE - Repairs will not begin until we receive your Purchase Order. You will be notified in advance if additional fees apply.


For more information regarding DMC Limited Warranty please click here.